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Save Money on Food by Menu Planning


One of my favorite websites is www.orgjunkie.com. I go there every week for Menu Plan Monday.  This weekly feature has completely changed how I plan meals and cook for the family each week.  Meaning- I have a plan.  And when I have a plan, I don't freak out at the end of the day and either stop at the store for something fast, or worse, throw out the towel completely and grab takeout.  We eat at home.  I shop the sales and plan my meals around those items.  Then I follow my plan.  I make things ahead of time when I can to save myself precious time and attention during the week. Sounds too simple, right?  So many people talk to are like," I could never do that"...this is why Menu Plan Monday is great!  You can see what hundreds of women all over the country are planning for their dinners across the week, many times with recipes!  It always gives me a lot of ideas, AND I figure if they can do it, I can too.

This is my opinion is the NUMBER ONE way you can stick to a grocery budget, and save a ton of money. 

Check out the weekly meal plans.  I'm still in the process of putting mine together, but here's the next couple of days at my house:

Monday- bbq chicken lettuce wraps w/ guacamole, broccoli cauliflower salad, sweet potato chips ( I made chicken and salad yesterday)

Tuesday- vegetable lasagna, salad (made over the weekend)

Wednesday-  faux fried rice with leftover chicken and steak, green beans, orange slices

Thursday- Grilled burgers, crispy kale chips, cucumber and tomato salad



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